Singing is fun, joyful, and the best way to connect to ourselves.

Stimulate the senses and bring awareness into your singing.


“Erene is a genius! She is a brilliant voice teacher.”

Brad Roberts, Crash Test Dummies front man

“Even though I've studied music at an advanced level since the age of 7, Erene's talent in her voice lessons completely opened up a new dimension of sound for me. She allowed me to gain new insights into our emotional relationship with music. Her gentle, fluid approach invites you to understand and love the profound significance of your own voice. I recommend her lessons for professional musicians, students, novices, and people who have never conceived of themselves as a musician. Basically, anybody who uses their voice in any way (whether speaking to a friend, or singing a concert at Madison Square Garden) can find benefit from receiving lessons from Erene.”

de Vie, Emerald Alchemy card readings

"I always wanted to take voice training lessons. But…something always stopped me somehow - I imagined it to be very rigid. I think there was also a fear that 'I will not be good enough.' Erene's intuitive voice trainings were totally the opposite than what I imagined - they were a lot of fun, not rigid at all, surprising, exciting, and very supporting. It is amazing how your voice can open up and clear up - when you simply let it express itself. Thank you Erene."  Tarana

"In a fun and inspiring way Erene guided me into letting go and allowing my true voice to be heard - and it was AMAZING - I never knew my voice could be so big. An essential tool for my life." 

Singing, especially in front of people, is probably one of the most challenging things we can do. We jump from one teacher to another to find the best one, or the one who understands us better, or the one we feel most comfortable with. Holistic Voice is based on listening, by both parties, the teacher and the student. Every person has a different voice and a way to connect to it, different background and sensitivity.

As a Holistic Voice teacher, Erene is able to understand what the student needs at that particular moment, independently from who the student is. What makes Erene different? She is trained in listening to herself; she sees herself as a student as well. In fact she'll lead you to your senses through simple stimuli. Listening doesn't just mean hearing the voice, but also feeling the touch, being receptive to visual images, to taste and smell.

By experiencing the body, the sound and their relation, we can bring back to consciousness our ancient capacity of singing. Singing just becomes natural, spontaneous; we can be spectators of the power of our voice.

There's no trick. Just ask yourself why kids can scream out loud the entire day, without tiring their voice. We are able to use our voice all day long too; we just don't know how to do it anymore.

Singers, teachers, actors, vendors, yoga instructors, kirtan singers, and everybody who is just interested in singing are invited to explore their natural voice, by simply becoming aware of it, and witnessing its incredible possibilities.

Erene has been studying the "Functional method of the Voice" in Italy and in Germany for many years. Based on this method and her experience as a professional singer, she has developed her Holistic Voice Technique.


one on one lessons - $125/hr

Kick Off Package - 5 lessons, meeting once a week - $563 (10% discount)

Longer Term Commitment Package - 10 lessons, meeting once every other week - $1,125 (10% discount)

4 weeks class over a 2 months period - 4 students meeting for 2 hours every other week - $300 ($75 per lesson)

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