Welcome to my Musical Portraits page!

I am really glad you found it. This is a very special and sacred spot where creativity is at work in a unique way and the audience gets to be on stage together with the music that has been created specifically for you. A while back I had this idea, people often commission painters to paint their portrait, why not have a musical portrait? Why not describe someone in music? And then I thought that a portrait is really successful when it captures the essence of the person in addition to their physical features. Music can do that in a very direct and magical way. I also realized that music can capture someone's essence as well as bring in a message, an element of healing, it can speak to the subject and provide something the soul, the mind and the spirit may need, maybe comfort, maybe inspiration, maybe energy. The portrait can remind you of who you really are when you feel you're disconnected from yourself, when you're off balance, or thrown off by life's curve balls. Or it can help you connect with aspects of yourself you can't see and others can see in you with more clarity, how hard is it for us to see our assets and wonderful qualities? Music can go right there and bring them up to the surface, can allow you to see them yourself.

I am of service to you to provide music that can be a catalyst for all this. If you'd like to commission a musical portrait please contact me directly via email and I'll give you all the details of how it's going to happen and how much it'll cost: